Kaskade - Promise ft. K.flay


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3 years ago

Kaskade - Promise ft. K.flay - Official Audio

“My new full-length album, is available starting NOW. This is my most diverse album, chapter 9 of my story. Have at it.” - Kaskade

Kaskade’s 9th studio album, AUTOMATIC, on Warner Brothers/ Arkade

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Walked around this empty town
3AM, no one around
All the shops are closed and I’m close to passing out
Gotta a place I oughta be and someone who’s missing me
But my mind, no my mind can’t get ya out

I know I’m not supposed to say it
I know I’m not supposed to think
But I got it bad, bad, bad
I know I’m not supposed to say it
I know we can’t ever be
But I want it bad, bad, bad

Promise when you’re with her that you’re picturing me
That it’s all you can do
That I’m all you can see
Promise when I’m with him that I’m picturing you
And when you’re loving her, promise that you’re loving me too
Promise, oh, promise that you’re loving me too, promise that you’re loving me too

On the night that we both met
Painted eyes and silhouettes
I said hi, you said let’s go inside instead
How could something feel so right, when it meant we had to lie?
All I got now is this pounding in my chest

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