Kaskade - Phoenix ft. Sasha Sloan


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3 years ago

Kaskade - Phoenix ft. Sasha Sloan - Official Audio

“My new full-length album, is available starting NOW. This is my most diverse album, chapter 9 of my story. Have at it.” - Kaskade

Kaskade’s 9th studio album, AUTOMATIC, on Warner Brothers/ Arkade

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I am not afraid
Of the things under my bed
Plus the things inside my head
They scare me, they scare me

When I am alone
All my fears, they show their face
Yeah I swear there’s no escape
They scare me, they scare me

Knock knock knock
Someone let me out

Knock knock knock
I’ll try and shut them out but…

Walls cave in
I guess it’s time I let them fall,
I’ve been holding in
Everything for far too long
Ashes ashes we all fall down
Ashes ashes we all fall down
I’ll share this gift
And when it’s time I know I’ll fly again

I hear them through the walls
They keep on calling out my name
Yeah they don't want me to change
They scare me, they scare me

Flames take hold of me
Through the skyline till I’m free
Spread my ashes on the sea
Till I rise

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