Kaskade - Never Sleep Alone


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3 years ago

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Kaskade - Never Sleep Alone - Official Audio

“We never sleep alone. Nobody does.”

New Kaskade single from the forthcoming Warner Bros. / Arkade album

Vocals performed by Tess Comrie

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you know i’m tired
of living like a ghost
god only knows
i’ve given more than most
i cover up scars
that emptiness has caused
when the chemicals take
will it be me you dream of

there’s a heartbeat
love, i’m gonna find you there
in the darkness
love, i wanna have you near
we never sleep alone
never sleep alone
never sleep alone
never sleep alone

you shake me up
the moment before sleep
you’re calling out
the demons inside me
and when they’re gone
the hours i’m awake
i take these pills
and pray to god they’ll take

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