Kaskade - Day Trippin' ft. Estelle


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3 years ago

Kaskade - Day Trippin' ft. Estelle - Official Audio

“My new full-length album, is available starting NOW. This is my most diverse album, chapter 9 of my story. Have at it.” - Kaskade

Kaskade’s 9th studio album, AUTOMATIC, on Warner Brothers/ Arkade

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Got me day trippin’
My heads spinnin’
Got me day trippin’
Up all night with you
Got me day trippin’
My heads spinnin’
Got me day trippin’
Lose my mind, up all night with you

4am we were going
We were moving till the sun came up
6am left this morning
Now I can’t stop thinking ‘bout your love

I got it, I got it bad
I keep on flashing back
Don’t even know where I’m at
I need something to get me through
Till I can be with you
Dreaming, it’s a déjà vu

1pm wanna call you
But I know I gotta catch my breath
4,5,6 is it too soon
Wanna get you in the dark again

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